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Celebration of Achievement

Celebration of Achievement

Nursery is your child’s first step from home into the wider world. The school aims to build upon the learning experiences that have already taken place in the home. We provide many exciting and stimulating activities both indoors and outdoors.

We encourage activities that make your child aware of the wider environment, the community in which we live, the plants and living things around us. We consider that everything we do is an opportunity for learning. These experiences are provided within school by an enthusiastic and professional staff that plan, organise and structure the curriculum, allowing for individual needs.

  1. Personal, Social, Emotional Development

  2. This will describe how your child’s individual personality is growing and developing. It will track his/her ability to work/play with other children and adults and and their understanding of rules and routines. It will also promote and develop his/her independence in personal safety and hygiene.

  3. Language Development

  4. Language is the foundation of all learning. Children will have opportunities to communicate with others, to share information and express feelings, to give and obtain information and to understand ideas and develop thought.

  5. Physical Development & Movement

  6. Children are developing through big and small movement. Physical activity promotes growth of the body and also the development of the mind. We want them to be skilful, fit and confident children.

  7. The Arts

  8. A wide range of activities will encourage your child to express him/herself through talk, music, painting or making. These are important ways for the child to tell us what he/she thinks, feels, and likes.

  9. Early Mathematical Experiences

  10. Knowing about size, shape and quantity, or matching and sorting is part of everyday life. Your child will get experience in these activities and the language that goes with it.

  11. The World Around Us

  12. Your child is already curious and eager to discover things about the world. We will provide opportunities to observe closely, to compare, and to ask questions. There will also be opportunities to become skilful with everyday tools and to problem solve, for example, when building.