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Collection of School Funds Policy

As a Education Authority (EA) run facility the nursery education children receive is free.  However, we do ask for each child to bring a weekly contribution of £4.  This money goes towards providing a snack for children, for small equipment (nails for woodwork, seeds/plants for garden, cooking ingredients etc), for classroom essentials (disinfectant wipes, washing powder etc), photographs, some books, hospitality (see Finance Policy) as well as charitable donations the children contribute to.  This fund is also used to pay for educational visits, Jo Jingles comes to the school every week to entertain the children with singing, dancing and musical instruments.  We may invite visitors o school to entertain the children eg Banyan Theatre Company, Zoo lab, magicians etc.  In order to provide these services we need every parent to contribute to the fund.  Parents have the option to pay weekly, monthly or yearly.

If there are any concerns about the payment of school funds generally parents are encouraged to talk to the School Principal.

After 2 weeks non payment parents will receive either a verbal or an information written reminder that their child’s school funds are outstanding.

After 4 weeks non payment parents will be encouraged to speak to the School Principal.  The Principal is happy to discuss the possibility of alternative arrangements with parents in genuine financial difficulties.

If this remains so Mrs Marshall will have a chat to the parents about resolving the situation.  This could mean:

  • Paying a nominal amount until their financial situation improves;

  • Supplying snack on occasions

  • Giving their time eg volunteering for trips/snack/gardening in lieu of payment.

Whilst we understand that this is a voluntary payment to the school and that these funds are used to extend the children’s learning, children whose parents do not pay will not in any way be penalized regarding the experiences offered.

 In our Parent Handbook we have detailed what the fund goes towards providing to all the children in school.