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Settling In Questionnaire - Feedback

Jennifer Marshall

Thanks to all the parents who took the time to complete our Settling In and Getting Ready to Learn questionnaires.

 The Getting Ready to Learn questionnaires will be used to gauge progress following our Big Bedtime Read, Happy Healthy Kids and Ages and Stages programmes which will commence this term.

 We were delighted with the responses to our Settling In Questionnaire in particular comments on our parent evenings with Mrs Canning, our Speech and Language Therapist, and Mrs Doherty, Occupational Therapist.  So many parents found the tips and advice very useful not only for their nursery aged child but for other children too. 

 Settling in can be a challenge for many children and their parents.  We do try to keep parents informed of how their child is coping.  We’re sorry if some parents found it hard to hear that their child was finding it difficult, we want parents to work with us and need them to be aware of the problems so we can address them together.

 Many parents commented that they enjoyed the Stay and Play sessions which incorporated their parent teacher meeting.  We apologise if there was some confusion around the meetings, choosing a classroom or office based meeting, we’ll try our best next time to ensure this is communicated more effectively.  Our next Parent Teacher meetings will take place before Easter, at the end of the year we do a written report for parents which is also forwarded on to your child’s next school.

 Children get a varied snack at school.  We are very limited in what we should offer as it has to be a healthy snack but once a week children usually get a biscuit or two, this tends to be on a busy day when there are other activities happening in school.  Snack for the week is displayed on the staff room door in the hall area.  Generally during the week we have a day for toast, cereal, crackers with cheese and ham or a biscuit, we might also do muffins, yogurts or Actimel.  Every day there is a selection of fruit available for children along with milk or water.  All children are encouraged to come for snack.

 Many parents have been making use of the photographs of their child’s class, discussing their day, naming their friends, etc don’t worry if your child doesn’t know everyone in class, some children will only know the friends that they play with and that’s ok.

 We are glad many parents have adapted some of our positive behaviour strategies, for example using the thinking chair, and have found this promotes good behaviour at home.

 We do take lots of photographs throughout your child’s year.  We do not have permission to display every child’s photo on our website and have decided to use our facebook page for information only.  However we do display photos on our tv in the hall area and many will be printed out and sent home at the end of the year.