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Racecourse Rd
Londonderry, BT48 7RE
United Kingdom

028 7126 6241


The school first opened in December 1979 with 54 applicants under the watchful eye of Mrs. W. R. Black, the principal of the school. It began with mixed pattern attendance, known today as a full-time class, part-time morning class and an afternoon class.

Then, the full day sessions were popular whilst attendance for the part-time classes was extremely poor sometimes with only 50% of the children present in class. Parents then felt that two and a half hours did not merit the long walk to and from the school and so in March 1985 the Board of Governor’s committee concluded that two full day sessions would be advantageous. This decision was to change soon after in 1987 when demand for places necessitated going back to the mixed pattern of attendance.

From then, the three class sessions have proved very successful with numerous benefits for both parents and children. Each year we accept 78 applicants with the attendance rate averaging 92% in 2014/15.

Mrs. J. A. Marshall, the current principal was appointed in June 1994. Over the years the school has remained vigilant, with a constant commitment to maintaining the best interests of the children and open communication with the parents.