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Language Tips

June Language Tips

Jennifer Marshall

Our language tips this month is based around outside play.  Whether children are playing with parents, sibling, cousins, neighbours or making new friends at the park,  outside play during the summer months will build their confidence and vocabulary in preparation for primary one.  Click here to view.

May Language Tips

Jennifer Marshall

Click here to view our language tips for May.  This month we're encouraging families to enjoy game time.  From practising with numbers and taking turns, game time creates a valuable social learning experience for children and some adults! - any bad losers?! 

March Language Tips

Jennifer Marshall

Linking with this month's theme of "Ourselves" and keeping healthy have a look at some words you can use when your child is in the bath.  We encourage parents to talk to children about being healthy, taking care of themselves and good hygiene - meet Henry Hand!  Click here to view.

January Language Tips

Jennifer Marshall

This month allows us lots of opportunity to learn new language during this cold and wintery month!  Click here to view language you can use with your child and as well as some winter songs to enjoy!

December Tips - Playing Games

Jennifer Marshall

On these dark evenings it's a great chance to bring out a board game, sit down together and have some fun!  If you don't have anything suitable for your nursery child now is the time to buy for Christmas.  Click here for tips when playing and the benefits to your child - maybe for some adults too!

Nursery Rhymes

Jennifer Marshall

Nursery rhymes have gone out of fashion but they're great for pre-reading and will help your child develop their reading and spelling.  Click here to view some of our favourite nursery rhymes and how you can adapt them to enhance your child's learning.

Outdoor Play

Jennifer Marshall

Why not make use of all this beautiful weather we're having and take you child outside to play. Outdoor play is great for your child's health and helps them foster friendships playing with other children.  An adult joining in with their play can help develop/encourage their communication skills and language, as well as their imagination and problem solving skills - all essential for primary 1.  Click here to view our suggestions.

Tips for our Stay & Play and Dinner Date

Jennifer Marshall

It's great to see so many parents enthusiastic about coming into school for our Stay & Play sessions as well as our Dinner Date sessions with the full-time class.  Click here to view some language tips useful for our Stay & Play but that can also be used at home when playing with your child.  Likewise click here for our Dinner Date language tips which can just as easily be used at home when sitting around the dinner table.

Spring into April with a Trip to the Farm

Jennifer Marshall

Click here to view our April Language Tips.  Help your child prepare for our visit to Lurgybrack Farm by developing their vocabulary.  Why not develop their language through song, we've suggested farm themed songs and rhymes as well as including some of the Spring songs the children sing in school.


Jennifer Marshall

Our February language tips include some songs/rhymes on being healthy and looking after our hearts for Valentines day, as well as a song for Pancake Tuesday!

Keeping your child busy at the local shop or supermarket could help improve their language and communication.

Winter Weather Language

Jennifer Marshall

As we start talking about the change in the weather you'll find plenty of opportunities to help your child develop their language and communication.  Click here for some tips and wintery songs/rhymes.

Ask Santa to bring a game at Christmas

Jennifer Marshall

Playing games with your child can help develop lots of important skills and is a lovely way to sit together and have fun.  Click here to read our tips on the benefits of playing games with your child.  This week we'll display some of our games in the hall area for you to have a look.

May Language Tips

Belmont Nursery School

During this month we are encouraging children to listen to real life stories from their parents/grandparents.  Children often find these their favourite type of story and ask for them to be repeated.  It's also a great way for them to learn about the past.

We've also included language tips for games, these could be board games with sibblings or friends.  This is excellent preparation for Primary One and a great way to pass some time during the Summer.