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Primary Movement

“Primary Movement is a unique movement programme which seeks to replicate the early movements of the fetus and to enhance the maturation of the nervous system. It has been shown to have a significant impact on the educational attainments of children with specific learning difficulties.” Both Mrs Marshall and Miss Kelly have attended Primary Movement for The Early Years training sessions. We deliver this programme of preliminary exercises, to the children, through a range of action songs and rhymes.

Healthy Eating

Belmont Nursery School promotes a healthy lifestyle amongst its pupils and staff. We believe that through early education on health issues, children can begin to embrace positive attitudes and make informed choices about the importance of a healthy diet and regular exercise.

We are current holders of the Health Promoting Schools Award and Smart Snacks Award both of which promote healthy eating on a daily basis.

ECO Schools Award

ECO Schools programme is a Europe-wide project designed to encourage whole-school action for the Environment.

Belmont Nursery School has registered to take part in the Eco Schools Programme. We have attained the silver award and we intending to reach to the Green Flag status this year. Through this programme we are intending to introduce the children to some environmental issues through activities that link to curriculum subjects. For example;

  • promoting healthy lifestyles
  • reducing litter and waste
  • improving the school environment
  • encouraging citizenship


As part of our Eco –Schools Award programme we encourage the children to be aware of litter and the harmful effect on our environment. The children are introduced to this topic through discussion, art and craft activities, music and drama and stories.

Our School motto is.

“The world is precious every bit, please don’t make a mess of it”

By involving the children in school we hope that they will spread the message to their parents etc. The hall displays are invaluable in promoting discussion amongst the children and their parents, childminders etc.

Brush Bus

To encourage our children to continue with good dental hygiene in school, each child will be provided with a tooth brush. These are stored in a ‘Brush Bus’.

The children will be encouraged to find their name & symbol on the appropriate bus and brush their teeth after snack each day.

Children brushing their teeth